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Sept 2018

Hi All,

Sorry it has been a long time from my last update.

A few people have been asking recently about my work with GLO and how it is going.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in this ministry.

GLO have just had their annual conference which means that it has been just over 4 years that I have been with GLO now.

I have been thinking about the news updates a lot recently and I want to keep them up so I plan to put out short updates more regular and hopefully without bombarding everyone.

I have been busy as usual and the ministry work is getting better known and well used with other Christian organisations.

Echoes International is one of the organisation that use GLO Media services on a regular basis. I am just back from their Welsh conference and I am in the process of editing the footage of all the speakers from that day.

Unfortunately a lot of the content can’t be shared publicly as it is sensitive due to being personal or for safety reasons because the workers are in Islamic countries etc.

There are probably small sound bites from each talk that will be used openly but we have get permission from the workers first.

The work that we heard about at this conference ranged from working in housing estates, working at festivals where there are a heavy presence of satanic symbolism and the occult and working in Islamic countries.

If you would like to pray for this work you could pray for the full time workers and there is also a prayer letter that Echoes put out on a regular basis giving specific prayer requests.

I have just finished a project with Kharis Productions (Iain Morris) which is a short documentary on Work Place Chaplaincy. This should be available soon to see as it has just been signed off. I am just finishing off an 8 min version for churches and a 3 min version for businesses.

The documentary goes into detail about the day to day work of the chaplains and also features some of the staff from businesses that have been receiving the service from them. As soon as this is online I will forward the link.

If you are interested in finding out more about Work Place Chaplaincy then here is a link to their website –

I am soon to be starting another documentary about the Railway Mission. This is something that you can pray for as it is proving very difficult to get permission to not only film at stations but also to film railway staff. A lot of the staff are keen to talk about their experience of the Railway Mission work but they also need permission before talking to camera or get interviewed. Apparently permission can take months to come through. We have had to cancel several dates so far but pray that we will get some breakthrough soon. I will keep you updated on progress.

SU Scotland Interviews. I have not long finished filming some more interviews for SU. I am just waiting on info for editing them and when finished they will be used at a fund raising event.
There are a couple of video links below from the last interviews that were filmed.

Not too much info there I hope. Here is a few videos that I have done recently.

Lennox Evangelical Church Dumbarton

SU Scotland Interviews 1/2

SU Scotland Interviews 2/2

Faskally Families Week


Faskally General Promo


Tilsley College Short Promo

If you are interested in a lecture on which is the best Bible then check this out.

Lecture by Professor Robert P Gordon



Thanks Again and if you have any questions about anything that I do please feel free to contact me.

God Bless



Hi All,

Thank you for your continued interest and support with GLO Media.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since I started with GLO. The time has certainly flown past.

What have I been up to over the summer?

Well as you know from my last brief news update, thanks to the generosity of many of you and my home church Central, all the money I needed to go for my Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Licence for the drone was raised.

I did have a date set to do it with NATS in Prestwick next week but I had to cancel it as they changed the venue two weeks ago to somewhere 100 miles away. I decided to cancel it because it wasn’t practical to travel that distance over three days and it would have cost too much for me to stay over in a hotel.

I have found another company who are running a course at the end of Oct and it’s in East Kilbride so much more practical for me. Pray for me as I’m not the most academic and I need to start studying aviation law. I will have to pass two theory tests and one practical test and then I have to write an operations manual which then gets sent to the CAA for final approval and if they are happy with everything they will then issue my licence. This can take up to six weeks to process so if all goes to plan then I should have my licence before Christmas.

Summer Mission –

Bulgaria – (Sorry if I have already shared this news, my old laptop is giggerd and can’t look back at where I left off)

I had the unexpected and last minute privilege  to go to Bulgaria earlier this year. Someone had pulled out due to ill health and I was asked to take their place.

This was a very practical team helping to fix roofs, paint and lay down new floors in people’s homes.

As usual I had my camera and here is a short highlights of the trip.

Belgium – Brussels:

Every year GLO send out loads of short term teams all over Europe, most of these are during the summer months.

Check this link out – a selection of photos send in by some of the summer teams

I joined the Brussels team this year. The first couple of days was planning and practising what we would do.

We had to plan a day programme for street work and an evening programme for working in two local churches. The street work mainly consisted of doing children’s work in the local parks and for the evening we put on an international night.

Here is a short highlights from this.

The team also done a powerful drama and also a flash dance, the links for these are below.

Flash Dance


Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA)

Over the summer I have been doing some filming with the CMA at various events. I still have some interviews to film before I can start to edit this together.

One the events I attended was the CMA National Rally. Bikers from all over the UK gathered to worship, receive teaching and have fellowship. We even had some visitors from Belgium and Holland.

It was a great weekend and below is a link to a short highlights video I quickly edited together.

The CMA Rest of Scotland Branch.

If you are from Central Evangelical Church you will have noticed a great increase in Bikers visiting the church over the summer.

This is mainly to do with the ministry that John Carden (The current branch Chairman) and his wife Shona are doing through the CMA.

There are many CMA members and supporters in the branch now because of the work they are doing out in the biker community.

The main work though is not trying to recruit Christian bikers to become members or supporters, but to witness and share the love of Jesus with the non-Christians in the biker community.

We are building up relationships and trust with a lot of biker clubs and many of them to put it bluntly are living on the edge of Hell.

With club names like “False gods”,  “Satan Slaves” you can get an idea of the spiritual depression that many of these people are feeling. Many of them unaware of what these names suggest.

The good news is that the branch now has a building which is simply called “The Hub”. It is in Kilmarnock and it is very well attended and supported by many of the clubs and also individuals. Everyone is made welcome and it’s great to see the respect that they have for who we are as Christians and also for what we are doing in the biker community. I could go on and on about this work so if you are interested to find out more either give me a call or pop along to the Hub sometime for a chat and see first-hand what’s going on.

We had over 200 bikers arrive throughout the open day and you won’t be surprised to know that I had my camera with me.

Here is the link to a short highlights video of the open day.

Gospel for Scotland

I think I have mentioned before that I have been doing some work with Gospel for Scotland.There has been a number of short videos done for them and the main one was for the outreach they did at the Edinburgh Tattoo.The video was made firstly in English and then translated into Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, German, Arabic and Dutch.On the day we filmed there wasn’t much sun so the video didn’t quite turn out the way I would have liked but we trust God that He will still use these videos so that many will hear the Gospel in their own language.Also for your encouragement there was a small team of people giving out bags with tracts, a Bible and links to these videos. In total 30,000 bags were given out WOW.

Here is the English version of the video

Also one of the videos “Who is God”

At the end of Oct I am filming with them again. We are going to be filming some short Gospel messages and also filming Life Stories / Testimonies.

They have also asked me to film my own story and I have agreed so I will again be out my comfort zone by being in front of the camera.

Scripture Union Scotland (SU)

I have done some work in the past for SU and they have asked me back to film more interviews with them.

These interviews are to help with promotion and fund raising for SU and are shown as part of a programme at a dinner for SU supporters.

I was up with them in Inverness a couple of weeks ago and I’m just waiting on the feedback as to how they want it edited before I can finish that one off.

Echoes of Service / Interlink.

Echoes and Interlink have merged and I was helping with some filming to help keep the Echoes and Interlink workers informed of what was happening and I was also working with the marketing company that they had employed to help with the new name and logo etc.

The new name is now simply going to be Echoes InterNational. If you have interest in this then you can read some news on the Echoes web site –,-shaping-the-future.aspx

They haven’t posted the video yet so I will try to let you know when they do.

Workplace Chaplaincy

I was recently working with Kharis Productions. Some of you will know Iain Morris who directed the “God Question”

They invited me along to help film for Workplace Chaplaincy. It was a great experience. We filmed in Dundee, Ayr and still have one to film in Edinburgh once we get filming permissions sorted out.

As far as I know I don’t think I will be involved with the editing of this so I have no idea how long it will take before the video for this is available.

GLO Conference

We recently had the GLO workers conference at the Alona Hotel at Strathclyde Park.

Peter Maiden was the main speaker at this and I filmed all three teaching sessions.

Links below if anyone is interested.

Also we filmed some interviews with three missionaries. We tried to film one of them on the roller-coaster but it didn’t work so resorted to the big wheel.

One was filmed in the Amazonian experience with butterflies and birds flying about and making lots of noise and we filmed one on a speed boat on Loch Lomond.

These interviews will be getting cut down into small bit size sections and the first of many will be available soon.

Here is a very very short teaser –

I think that’s all for now, thanks again for the many ways you all support me in this work.

God Bless




Hi All,

Another GLO Media news update, and as always we are so grateful for the support that we have from you all so thank you and please keep praying.

With Christmas approaching fast I am starting to look at filling my dairy for 2017.

I have made a flyer that can be shared, so if you know of any Christian organisations or ministries, churches etc that might be interested in using this service so please pass on the flyer if you know of any.













As mentioned in my previous news GLO had their conference at the Alona Hotel at the end of Sept. This was really well attended by many GLO workers from all over Europe and it was great to catch up with some of them that I know and also talk to an meet new people as well.

I did a work shop with Jessica on the use of social media which was very well attended and there was lots of interest and lots of questions. Jessica’s profession is in marketing so it was really helpful to be working with her on this and as a result I learned a lot from the workshop myself so it was well worth doing.

The new GLO Logo was launched at the conference and as you can see below it has been totally changed. It is very simple but modern.







We had Alastair Purss as our guest speaker for the weekend and as usual he was very good.

Here is a short highlights reel of the weekend.


So after our trip to Albania at Easter was cancelled we managed to get there during September.

Phil Lightbody came along from CEC as well and if you were praying for his knee as requested in my last news then I can report that he was totally healed after his operation and not only did he walk for miles, it was over uneven surfaces and steep hills as well without any issues at all.

So thank you on behalf of Phil for your prayers. Phil’s knee continues to be totally pain free.

So we arrived in Albania and spent our first night in the City of Vlore and then travelled to the Hiding Place Orphanage in Gjirokastra on day two. The Hiding Place is a great name for this place because it is right in the middle of thousands of other houses and building so it blends in very well its surroundings.

There were 12 children being cared for at the time of our visit and they ranged from babies to I think 12 years old. Each child having very different and tragic stories. The good news is that they are all being very much loved by an amazing team of dedicated carers who sacrifice so much to care for these children. The founder Marijan is from Holland and she is preparing to retire from the work and move back to Holland next year after serving many years from 1996 with the orphanage. She will be succeeded by a lady called Jorida who is from Albania. There is a great deal of support from Holland for the Orphanage and because of that there is now a concern that when Marijan leaves then there might be less support. They would ask for your prayers for this as the orphanage has very little money and live week by week relying on God’s provision. They have witnessed many miracles over the years as well and their faith is strong so I am sure God will continue to bless their work but we should continue to pray for this amazing work.

We helped with some practical things around the orphanage over the three days were there, mainly painting and some of the team took the children away for walks and bought them ice cream to give some of the staff a well deserved break.

We travelled back to Vlore and spent some time with the local church there attending the church service with some of the team taking part by playing the guitar, singing and sharing testimonies. We also split into small groups and went to visit people form the church in their homes where we were made very welcome and again shared stories of how God worked in our life’s.

One of the big things that I was struck by was that every Christian we spoke to was a first generation Christian. This was because for many years under the rule of the dictator Enver Hoxha who declared Albania to be the first atheist country in the world in 1967. No one could believe in God or gods of any kind. Many Christians were arrested and killed and church buildings were torn down. Hoxha was born into a Muslim family but he seemed to have no sympathy for Muslims either. Tiny pockets of Christians met secretly and in constant fear of being found out. After 1991 when communism collapsed in the county these small pockets of believers began to emerge and spread the good news of Jesus and Missionaries were able to visit the country. So even some of the oldest believers that we met would have only been at best 25 years in their faith.

It was a very interesting visit and one that I will never forget for many reasons. There is a possibility that I will be going back in March to help with a media project that they are doing with university students so I will keep you posted about plans for that trip if it happens.

Prayer Points:

The Hiding Place – For continued funding – That what the children learn in the orphanage will stay with them for a life time – For smooth changeover of leadership.

The Church – Their continued growth – Their vision to plant 9 churches in the city to reach the city with the Gospel, 3 already planted – That the vision will touch the heart of every believer and will work together to reach the whole city for Jesus.

Here is a short highlight reel of the trip. The song is called “We Believe” by the News Boys and it became the theme song for the week as it was played almost every time we went into the minibus. It is a song with a powerful message and very apt for the circumstances that Albania and the rest of the world is in.


Christian Motorcyclist Association (UK)

As most of you know I have had motorbikes from the age of 16 and gave up the best bike I ever had (Honda Hornet 900 ) before I went into full time ministry.

Don’t feel too bad for me, while I do miss the bike, these days I am very much a good weather bike anyway so even if I still had the bike I wouldn’t be out on it very much.

However this summer I was blessed to have a Stephen McQuoid’s bike a Suzuki 650 bandit. The main reason for borrowing the bike was to get out and do some filming with the local CMA branch (The Rest of Scotland ).

The idea was to capture some video during ride outs and over the winter we will do some interviews and start to edit together two or three short videos with information about the CMA what they do and some testimonies as well.

I have done a very short teaser video which has also caught the eye of the national chairman Mike Fitton of the CMA and he has been in touch with me to ask about a helping with a promotional video for the CMA nationally. I hope to arrange a meeting with Mike before Christmas to start making planning the filming for this next year. If you want to know more about the CMA hear some amazing stories then they are doing a presentation at Central Evangelical Church, Kilmarnock on Sunday the 27th Nov 6.30pm

Here is the short teaser video.













Shoes Brothers

Well Christmas would not be the same without some Shoes Brothers. This year they are three and disguised as the three wise men.

They are in search of the King and traveling through North Ayrshire in search for Him. Tendia the minister from the Baptist Church in Kilmarnock has joined them this year and it should be fun to watch. The aim is to get the true stories of Christmas out there and the momentum is building up already with the Irvine Herald posting a short video of the flash dance they did on facebook and it has now reach over 25,000 views. We hope and pray that someone will meet Jesus through the message these video bring. We are finishing filming later this week so I will be under some pressure to get editing as the first of four videos is due out mid November.  The climax of all four films coming together will be released early December.


Seagate Troon

I am helping film a Christmas film with Seagate in Troon as well. This is with Phil Young and again I will post you the results of that films when it is available. Thankfully Phil will be editing that one so I’m just helping with the camera work.


Lenox Evangelical Church Dumbarton

GLO Media have been invited to make a promo video for the church. They are also going to be rebranding the church with new logo and website.

Graeme Hewitson will looking after the logo and photography and Phil Young will creating the new website. Work has already been commissioned on the logo and we hope to get the website and promo film started early 2017.

I will keep you informed on how that goes as we make progress.


Your prayers would be valued for all of the above as it is vitally important that the correct message gets across in the right way and in a creative and professional way as well without compromising on what the Bible teaches.


Thanks for talking the time to read this news update.

God Bless


Hi All,

Here is another GLO Media update Aug 2016

I have been reflecting on the various organisations and ministries that I have been working with as I approach two years with GLO.

It has been an interesting and challenging two years and Alison and I would like to thank you all for your prayer and financial support over this time.

This coming week Sunday 28th to Tuesday 30st is the GLO workers bi-annual conference which means that I have now been working with GLO for two years.

I am looking forward to the conference where workers from all over Europe will gather to catch up with friends and family, share stories and encourage and support one other.

I will be doing a media workshop on the Tuesday with Jess who is now a 2nd year student from France. She is here with her husband Sebastian and three children, they plan to stay in the UK for a further two or three years to work with GLO. Jess worked in marketing before coming to do the GLO course at Tilsley College and she is keen to see social media play more of a part in promoting GLO and Tilsley College to the younger generation. We will be presenting a workshop together on the use of media, video and social media.

GLO Logo tease.

GLO has had the same logo for the last 40 years so as with all things that need change in a well established organisation it takes time. The logo was on the agenda well before I started with GLO but at last there is a new logo and the tease is, I can’t show you it just yet as we will be launching it at the conference. It is a very simple minimal logo and I like it so I will let you all see it ASAP after the conference.

Over the last two years I have also had the privilege of working with some great people and organisations, I have made a list below in no particular order for you to see.

Soul Survivor

SU Lendrickmuir (In association with Soul Survivor)

Alpha Scotland

Open Doors


First Serve

Ayrshire Youth Camp

Home for Good

Kingdom Cinemas

Shoes Brothers

Tilsley Collage

Living the Passion

Learn to Lead

The Commission

Christian Men Together

Spoken word artist Steven McLeish

Missionaries local and abroad

Various Churches

Royal Foundlings (Christian Rock Band)

And currently working with –

The Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA)

Faskally Christian Trust.

There is a small team heading to Albania next month leaving on the 7th Sept and returning on the 15th Sept. I will be going along with the team to document the visit. Phil Lightbody from Central will also be joining us. Phil has just had a knee operation and while he feels great and is more mobile than he has been over the last two year please pray that his knee will be ok before during and after the trip.

The trip will include visiting an orphanage called the Hiding Place where we will be doing practical things like painting and putting up shelves etc and we will be visiting the church there associated with GLO to distribute tracks etc with them. There is no set plan as we will be allowing God to lead us to do whatever he leads us to do. The weather there should be good so I’m hoping to get some nice footage of the trip to share with you all on our return.

Soul Survivor
Recently I along with the help of Phil Young from Seagate Troon we attended Soul Survivor Scotland to film the official highlights reel for the week.

It was great to be invited back after doing the highlights for week A at Stafford and Scotland last year. While fighting against the elements with tents and gazebos getting blown away with the high winds we managed to get some great footage.

Here is a link to the highlights of the week.

I was at the Ayrshire Camp at Faskally House for a couple of days as well and managed to capture some of the fun from that week, as well as filming for a promo for the Faskally Christian Trust itself. I am just waiting for some feedback from the board before the video goes public so I will put that in my next new update or post it as a separate link. In the meantime you can see the house and surrounding area via the Ayrshire Camp Highlights.

FirstServe is for mission training and ran by Echoes. The Echoes head office is in Bath and I was invited down there last month to be part of a small focus group to look at ways of advertising and promoting FirstServe. I took my camera along and got a couple of interviews to make a short promo which has now been given the thumbs up so feel free to forward it to anyone you think might be interested in taking time out for short term mission. If you are on Facebook then give their page a like –


Echoes asked me to make a slide show with a voice over to give people info and prayer points for Pakistan.

Thanks to David Laviers for doing the voice over so well I have recently finished the video and wait for approval.

Recent similar videos were only sent out on DVD but I will look at putting this one on YouTube is allowed once the video has final approval.


Tilsley College

We are looking at making a few more very short promo videos for the college so they will be getting made over the next few weeks with the new students.

As mentioned in my last newsletter we were working on the day and life of a college student. Here is the video for that.

Make Jesus Famous – Spoken Work Artist Steven McLeish

I have done another couple of short videos with Steven. Unfortunately he is having trouble with his YouTube account and having issues uploading videos at the moment so I don’t have the link to the videos.

If you are on Facebook you can see them there they are called Pain and Dear Girls.

I’m not sure if these links will work if you are not on Facebook but let’s give them a go anyway.


Link to Dear Girls Video –


Link to Pain video –


Thanks again for all your support and if you have any questions about what I do please feel free to ask.


God Bless




Dear All,

Firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of news updates recently.

Thank you for your continued support, prayers and interest in the work I do with GLO.

Going back to the beginning of the year.

Jan- Feb

All my time was mainly taken up with editing the learn to lead course videos which we filmed at the end of 2015. The new version of the course was officially launched on 18th Jan so I had to keep editing the videos so that they were available at the correct time for the course work. In the end there was a total of 32 videos.

As most of you know we moved house recently as well. We got the keys to the house at the beginning of Feb but the house was needing some major modernising throughout the whole house.

With the help of many people we managed to transform the house in 4 weeks and moved in at the beginning of March. The house is a true blessing and a miracle that we got this house.

As I need somewhere to work from we had to convert the garage into an office so I now have great space to store my equipment and also work on my editing.


Live Broadcasting Lectures.
last year my Dad and I set up a very basic broadcasting system as a trial to broadcast lectures from the Joshua project.

This was to allow people in Dundee and other areas that were using the course to log in live to a lecture. This would save the lecturers a lot of time as they would normally have to go to these places on another night to lecture etc. It has proven to be a successful trial and with two college students having to go back to Albania because of visa restrictions this system is now being used to allow them to continue the GLO course and finish their studies with the college. Because of its success the college is now investing in more advanced system which one of the current students Sebastian (from France) is now looking after as a project.

Italy Visit

I finally got the information for the last video through a few weeks ago.

This is 4 of 4 videos that I filmed while out in Italy last Easter I can’t believe the time has gone past so quickly.

Again it is in Italian but you should be able to enjoy the video. Please remember the purpose of these videos are to give testimony to God and the promote the church in a positive way as they tend to be seen as a cult out there with so much Catholicism surrounding them.


Alpha Scotland

I was approached by a friend who had been doing filming work for Alpha Scotland for some time now and he has go too busy so asked if GLO Media could help out.

If you are not aware there is a new Alpha film series available now and there was a Scottish launch in Glasgow last month. I went along to the launch to capture some reactions to the first video.

I have to say I was blown away by the quality and content of the video. Bear Grills is going to be doing a global invite to Alpha in September with billboards, bus advertising and he will be inviting people via the Odeon Cinemas before each film starts. This could prove to be a great opportunity for your church to plan to have an Alpha course running around this time.

Here is a short video with some of the reactions of people at the launch night.

And here is a link to the first video.

Summer missions

There is a lot going with GLO simmer missions this year.

GLO are looking for a large team to go to Brussels and if the team is big enough I plan to go along and film some of the action.

Not many have signed up so far about 5 I think and we are looking for 80 so pray that many people will capture the vision to take the Gospel to heart of Europe.


There is also a small team going to Albania in September to visit an orphanage and work with the local church, I have signed up to go on this team and flights are booked.

I was supposed be going out there to film at the orphanage just after Easter but they were having renovations done and wanted to wait until the work was completed before filming.

GLO mini Bible School

I filmed the GLO mini Bible school earlier in the year. DVD’s are available and I have 4 copies left if anyone would like a copy.

The Commission

The men’s Commission conference was also held earlier this year and as usual I filmed that. Copies of that can be ordered via the Christian Men Together website, link below.

Steven McLeish

I have been working with Steven who is a spoken word artist. We filmed 4 new videos last month and this is the first one “Jesus over Religion”

I was just checking his FaceBook page there and his video has been seen 57,000 times. It could be seen as a little controversial but please pray for Steven as there has been a lot of Atheists that have seen this video and their comments are, well let’s just say that its touch some raw nerves.


Tilsley College shorts

We are currently working of a short video following the day and life of a college student. I was up at the centre early last week filming a student (Joe) from getting up out of bed to later that night when he went out to work at his placement. There is still a little filming to do before I can start to edit it but it should be an interesting and fun video to watch. In the mean time and to finish on a good belly laugh. While we were filming one of the other MATURE students kept laughing so it’s been captured on film. Here is Raymond showing us the art of a good belly laugh. Enjoy and please keep praying for the media work.


God Bless

Nov 2015
Hi All,
Welcome to another news update and a special welcome to friends that have recently asked to be added to the mailing list.
Thank you for your interest in GLO Media and especially for your prayer and financial support, I trust you will find it interesting to read and watch.

For each project we pray for God’s blessing on the videos that are going to be used for outreach and to promote ministry, we also give thanks for events that have past and were a true blessing to all who attended. I enjoy making these newsletters because time passes so fast I find myself forgetting the things that I have been doing and by writing these updates it gives me time to reflect on how God is using and blessing the GLO Media Ministry.

Many people have been asking about a GLO Media Facebook page so I have gave in and created one. I can’t promise it will be kept up to date but I will do my best. If you are on Facebook then please like the page and feel free to invite others to like it as well. I have been encouraged to see over 100 likes already.

GLO have been keeping me busy with a number of things recently.

Old Testament Library Part Three – We recently finished filming part three which is the last part of the introduction to the Old Testament presented by Dr Stephen McQouid. As you can imagine these are quite lengthy but they are made specifically for teaching use in colleges. GLO has various training centres all over the world and Stephen is asked to visit and teach at them regularly. This is not practical so the videos are a great way for Stephen to be in many places at the same time. I still have some power point slides to add in to finish the edit on these (Once Stephen gets them to me) So I hope to put a short promo together soon so you can get a feel for the video and I am sure they can be made available in full if anyone wants to see them and learn from them.

Learning to Lead Course – The Learning to Lead course is something that Tilsley College has built into their one year Training for Service program. Learning to Lead has been on the go now for 25 years and is entering a new phase. As a trial the next course will be partly done online via YouTube or Vimeo and starts on the 19thJanuary 2016. I will be filming around 40 short teaching sessions over three days later this month. Here is a short promo that can be shared with anyone that you know who might be interested in doing the course.

Students Tilsley College – As an exercise we interviewed some of the first year students with the intention of using parts of the interviews for promotional purposes. I have edited some of them and we plan to use them at a GLO 40thevent in Bristol this coming weekend. It gives a good feel for the variation of people from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures but all together in unity with one purpose to serve God wherever He leads them.
Here is the link to that video –

Italy third video – For those that are new to this news letter, I spent one week in Italy earlier in the year to film four short films about four different people in the church plant La Font. La Font is found in the region of Molise just a few miles from Campobasso. It is very rural with small villages scattered over the hills and mountains. The videos are being released in phases and this is the third one. They are all in Italian but you can still enjoy watching the video and pray that God will use them to draw more people to His Church and come to know and serve the one true living God.

Living the Passion– GLO had a part to play at the recent Living the Passion conference where over 600 people gathered to hear the teachings of Professor John Lennox. It was an great weekend and a real privilege to play a part in the conference. As usual I was filming and manning a camera at the front that projected a live image to a large screen so everyone could see what was going on. John delivered three sessions all of which will be available soon as an MP3 download and also will be available on DVD. We also had a entertainment in the evenings with Adrian Plass an author and also Christian illusionist Todd Alexander who gave a great clear message about the difference between what is real and what is an illusion – If you are interested in the DVD’s of John Lennox then I will be posting information about that when they become available. – Here is some highlights form that weekend

Craighalbert Church Promo– If you know anyone in the Cumbernauld area then this is a great independent community Church you could recommend to them. This video had been shared and viewed over 600 times within 24hrs of being made public and most of the shares were with the people in the community. If you know a church that would be interested in having a promo video then share this with them and ask them to get in touch

Steven McLeish – I have filmed 7 short films that are aimed at getting people talking about the subject. Steven is calling them Minute Gospel’s he will be releasing them one at a time over a few weeks. On Facebook these have had over 8,000 views each in just one week.
Here is a link to see them on YouTube.
What if Heaven is not real?

How do we know God’s will?

What is my gift?

Open Doors – I will be helping at the Open Doors event for the persecuted Church on the 20th Nov. I have drafted in the help of Graeme Hewitson who’s photography work is familiar to most of you. Graeme will be taking some photos and I will be filming some parts of the event to put a short highlights video together of the evening. If you haven’t seen any of Graeme’s photography then you should have a wee look at his website.

Live links – Christian Institute – Joshua Project – As well as filming and editing I have recently been looking into live broadcasting. I don’t know much about this so I have drafted in some much needed help from my Dad who has been brilliant at pulling together the live link for the recent event with the Christian Institute. Also Tilsley College will be live broadcasting some of the Joshua Project lectures. These will be used as a trial to gauge the need for something like this and if it would be used enough to justify spending more money on it to get a higher quality service. At the moment the system is partly second hand using old cameras but works well enough and sounds good for those tuning in to listen. Time will tell if it’s something that will take off and be used more.

Well that’s all for now and as usual I will keep you posted to anything that I think will interest you between now and the next newsletter.

God Bless


Sept 2015
Hi all where has the time went?
That’s me been with GLO now for one year.
Thank you all so much for your support with prayer and also financially, it means so much to us as a family and I could not do this work without that support.
I have had a great time over the last year and I really look forward to many more years with them.
There is a lot coming up over the next couple of months in GLO and with other organisations. I will keep you up to date with those as they happens.
Here is a little snippet of some of the things I have been filming over the last year.
There is also a link below to the film I made from the men’s breakfast with Alastair Noble. He spoke on intelligent design and it really is worth taking some time out to listen to it.

Aug 2015
Hi all,
Here is a short update on some of the things that I have been doing over the last couple of months.
I am just back from Soul Survivor week A which was held at Stafford  County Show Ground. This has been a great opportunity for me and I have been working with a very small but dedicated team. Over the few days that we were there we worked very hard. A typical day started at 8.30am – 9am and often finished around 11pm -12midnight. 7 short videos were filmed and edited during this time. I was asked back to help at Soul Survivor Scotland but unfortunately I have other commitments. I did however manage to go up on the Tue to film some activities and I took some footage away and edited a short highlights on the Wednesday so they could show it on the last night.
Here is the main highlights video for week A

And Scotland

If you would like to see the other videos, Set up, UV Party, Skate Venue, Foam Party, you can see them with this link – Click Here 
Also on the last night there was a theme night and this year it was the Nativity. I had to take this one home to edit as everything had been packed up by then so that video has still to be added to the SS YouTube channel. So just for you here it is.

As I mentioned in my last up date I was filming with Craighalbert Church in Cumbernauld. This is almost done but they would like some other key people from the church involved and while some of them are on holiday I cant get up to finish the filming. I hope to have something to share with you by the next up date.I have also done two short promo videos for Brian Gooding as he starts a new roll in Callander as the Community Pastor there. Brian and Iris recently sold their house in Troon and have moved to Callander so that also means that the Breathing Spaces Ministry that they run has also moved so I have done a short video for that as well. Again these videos are not live yet but they should be soon.

I am kept busy and there is enquiries for my service coming in from various organisations regularly. The Church Planting Initiative is one organisation that has a number of churches with anniversaries coming up next year and there is a good chance that I will be involved in working with them over the next couple of years. GLO work closely with CPI and if you want to find out more about what they do then here is a link to their website – click here
In October I will be attending and working at  Living the Passion conference  where Professor John Lennox will be the guest speaker. We are also hoping to get some behind the scenes interviews with John and the other guests taking part like author Adrian Plass and Christian illusions Todd Alexander
Here is a link to Living the Passion website – click here

If you know of any church or organisation that might be interested in using the video service then please feel free to pass on my details.

God Bless


A little snippet from the GLO 40th celebration a couple of weeks ago.
Full evening video will be available soon.

May 2015
Hi all,

Well we are almost into June and most of my time over the last few weeks has been taken up with editing.
As mentioned in the last update, I was working with Amie Aitken on a video for her new single “Home for Good”. The single was released a few days ago.
Please watch the video and follow the link below to download a free copy of the single, there is also an option to make a donation to the charity if you feel you want to support them in the work that they do.

The first video from my Italy trip was released a couple of weeks ago and it has been well received by the local people. I have just finished the second video which features the largest town in the region, Campobasso. Please pray for the continued success of these short videos. Here is the link to the fist two.You don’t have to understand Italian to enjoy them.

As many of you know, GLO is celebrating 40 years in service for God.
We enjoyed two evenings over a weekend one on Sat night for all the GLO workers, volunteers and those that were part of GLO in the early days. On the Sunday night is was an open invitation and both nights were a pack out. Great atmosphere with God focused worship and challenging messages. God certainly got the glory for all the work and achievements over the last 40 years and we also enjoyed a short message from Cynthia. I filmed the Sat night celebration, it will take me a while to edit up as it was 2.5hrs long. I will let you all know when that is finished and where to see it if you have spare couple of hours to watch it sometime 🙂

I have been doing some networking and hope to be developing some more new work soon. I will be making a promo film for Craigalbert Church in Cumbernauld in the next couple of weeks and hope to develop more work with other churches and ministries over the coming months. Please pray for more opportunities.

March 2015 
Hi everyone,
Firstly I would like to thank all those who came along to the fund raiser photo shoot. We had a lot of fun with everyone that came along including Chico the Chihuahua. Overall and after all costs, we managed to raise almost £700. It was experimental but I am sure you will all agree that it was a success and everyone got something out of it. Don’t worry if you feel that you missed out, we hope to be doing another one later in the year, maybe in time for Christmas.







February was very busy with the making of the most recent Shoes Brothers film “Shoeshank Redemption”. And the making of  a charity music video with singer song writer Amie Aitken. The charity “Home for Good” helps and encourages Christian families to foster and adopt children that are in need of a loving and caring home. They will be featured on Songs of Praise this coming Sunday and there is a small possibility that the video will be getting shown. The BBC have said that if they can’t fit it in this Sunday then they will feature it in a November program where Home for Good will be back on. I will keep you up to date about that as it develops. Here is a short behind the scenes video for you to watch. We will be releasing the video later this month.
Short story from Christianity Today – Click Here

The Shoes Brothers
“Shoeshank Redemption” is the prequel to the trilogy and was set in Greenock Prison. It is mainly an anti-sectarian message throughout the film but there is also a Christian message in there as well. If you have not seen the film yet then here is the YouTube version, enjoy.

Kingdom Cinemas
I recently met up with Kingdom Cinemas to explore getting involved with Christian films in the UK. It is looking promising and I was asked to put a music trailer together for the recent “Left Behind” film. I used the video Run that I did with the Royal Foundlings (with their permission) and it is now being used to help promote this film. We are showing a preview of the film at the GLO centre on March 28th  before it hits the cinemas in the UK at the Easter weekend. Tickets are £6. If you would like to come along and support this please let me know ASAP. All ticket sales goes to the box office to help raise the rating of the film in the charts. Please also note that the film is a 15 cert.








The Commission Men’s Conference
I was working at the conference which was held at Newton Mearns Baptist.
There was a great turn out in general but also a great support from the men of CEC with 19 men attending. The main speakers were Jeremy and Stephen McQuoid. It was very encouraging and the feedback so far has been very positive. DVD’s will be available soon at the cost of £5 so if you haven’t already placed your order and would like a copy please let me know.

Kilmarnock Academy and Tilsley College
As of Feb I have been working with Kilmarnock Academy one day a week to help organise various activities with the pupils. This will involve outdoor activities and some media involvement as well. I am hoping to get students from Tilsley College down to take part in some of these activities. There are also opportunities for the students to get involved with taking some classes and to get involved in a community café that the school will be running. Part of the project will also be setting up a school online TV channel that we hope will develop into a community TV channel for the whole area in the future.
Please continue to pray for this work and the Christian teachers and workers in the school that are encouraging this, Danion and Iona Neilson-Bell, Chris Kleppe and myself.
Also if you were at the CEC AGM then you would have heard that Simon along with Steven McLeish from the Basement Cafe (Kilmarnock Baptist) will be visiting the school on a regular basic to develop more relations between the Church and the pupils.
Especially pray for the Head Teacher Bryan Patterson who is not a Christian but clearly sees value in the Church being involved in his school.

Happy 40th Anniversary GLO.
Yes it has been 40 years since Colin Tilsley began the work of GLO
Stephen McQuoid has been with GLO for 20 of those years and is writing a book about the history of GLO which he is finding very interesting and it should be going to the printers next week. Over the next few weeks we will be filming some interviews with former directors, collage principals and others involved in the earlier days of the work of GLO. More to come about this soon.

Trip to Italy this Easter
As some of you already know, I am planning a trip out to Italy over the Easter weekend to help with an outreach project that is being run over there.
The family that are running the outreach are Reign and Heidi Gutesen. They are GLO missionaries based in Molise, Italy. Please pray for this trip as we hope that it will impact the whole community. I will keep you up to date with this and other things that are developing over the next few weeks and months.

God Bless.

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